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Tackling Simple to Complex Tax Issues

LSS&M manages tax issues that range from the simple tasks of required filings to the most complex issues.

Our partners can expertly provide critical tax-related advice as a part of litigation, expert testimony, settlement structuring, mergers and acquisitions, or liquidations and breakup analysis.

LSS&M also has extensive experience in all aspects of tax practice. Our expertise includes: payroll and employment tax; income tax; sales tax; franchise taxes; all areas of state taxation; and tax-related aspects of offshore transactions and entities.

The firm’s partners have been engaged by Bankruptcy Trustees, Federal and State appointed receivers, the United States Treasury Department, private industry, individuals, disbursing agents, and court-appointed examiners.


We have provided an expansive array of tax engagements, ranging from compliance issues to obtaining private letter rulings for specialized situations and negotiating settlements of tax claims.

Our relationships and positive reputation make the difference. A professional, working relationship with the taxing authorities allows LSS&M to cut to the important factors in analyzing tax issues and obtain quick and reasonable resolutions, saving you time and energy.

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