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LSS&M places special emphasis on its litigation management and support services.

LSS&M has earned a reputation for its focus on overseeing and driving the litigation process and delivering results. LSS&M critically evaluates the facts of a situation resulting in informed decisions and realistic expectations.

As the number of financial related lawsuits increase, the addition of specialized consulting practices is significantly valuable.

LSS&M performs forensic accounting and information technology functions in connection with preference and avoidable transactions, reconstruction of books and records, tracing of cash to determine source and use of cash, computation of damages, tax matters, solvency issues, fraud audits and other investigations.

LSS&M has a team of forensic accountants and information technology personnel who are experts in discovering and analyzing the most sophisticated circumvention of internal controls.


LSS&M reconstructs incomplete or corrupt data in order to unravel complicated transactions with the assistance of our qualified information technology personnel and software tools.

We also work closely with attorneys by assisting in analyzing information and providing support by testifying as expert witnesses in cases relating to pyramid and ponzi schemes, embezzlement, self-dealing and other related party transactions.

Our partners and other members of the firm have served as expert witnesses during litigation proceedings in civil and criminal courts.

LSS&M has successfully interfaced with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs Services, the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Energy, Securities and Exchange Commission, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Department of Labor, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the United States Attorney’s office in cases where our accounting investigations revealed fraudulent transfers, "secreted" assets, or illegal activities.

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