Bankruptcy and Restucturing

Bankruptcy, litigation & accounting services

Maximizing Recovery for the Benefit of All

LSS&M has extensive experience in the bankruptcy arena, having served under several judges in five jurisdictions of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Our partners possess over seventy years collective experience in bankruptcy and insolvency matters and have been involved in some of the most highly complex cases while acting as or representing trustees, receivers, examiners, creditor committees, debtors, and disbursing agents.

LSS&M has served in responsible management positions during the bankruptcy proceedings and presided over the liquidation and distribution of assets of bankrupt entities.


LSS&M aggressively examines potential litigation and manages the process in order to maximize recoveries for the benefit of the affected parties.

LSS&M has developed a reputation for establishing creditor relations through the development and prompt implementation of reorganization and liquidation plans, as well as the management of assets and finances of the affected enterprises.

Specific services include the identification, marshalling, valuation and sale of assets (including account receivable collections and inventory liquidation), maintenance of operations during the sale of assets, the administration of claims and fulfillment of accounting, tax, and compliance responsibilities of the estate.

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